What should the next theme be? #morethemeparties

It’s that feeling of things aren’t quite right. It’s not hard to live in Singapore, but it isn’t perfect. You’re not exactly depressed, but you can’t call it happiness either. I’m calling it the Singapore Slump.

Why is this happening to us?

My friends and I have narrowed down some of the reasons to be the price of alcohol and the incessant heat and humidity. It isn’t a city that is very friendly to people without very much money, which I’ll discuss in more detail in an upcoming post. We’re trying to make the most of it by working hard when we need to, and then getting creative with more theme parties. Otherwise, it is easy to fall into a state of routine where your mood is at a constant low.

Me with my hair in a beehive

My hair gave me at least an extra 6 inches

The Themes

One solution that we have come up with has been to have more theme parties, such as Eurotrash/Glamazon, Malaysian+Singaporean 1960s psychedelic pop, bananas, and hats. The beauty of a theme party is that you can be silly. You can escape your day-to-day in a fun and easy way, without having to really do that much work.

We got really into the first two themes, with the hair, the clothes, the nails, and the makeup. But the other themes were simpler and just required some preparation.

It’s a good way to flex your creativity muscle, and, especially with Halloween this week, witty themes and costumes are so much better.

It gives us something to get excited about that is not the usual dinner and a movie type thing.

The photos from the Eurotrash/Glamazon party turned out to be a little more scandalous, but here’s what my hair looked like at the 60s party. To give you an idea, for the Eurotrash party I wore a leopard print, tight, wide neck dress with 3/4 sleeves, and that ended just under my butt.

And at the banana party, the main event was, of course, the banana. So we had a selection of banana-y goodness including banana bread and banana salsa.

Gluten free banana bread

Gluten free banana bread with walnuts and nice sugar crust on top

Spicy banana salsa in a bowl

Spicy banana salsa with red, green and yellow bell peppers, green onion, and cilantro

What will be the next theme?

I’m leaving Singapore in a few weeks for an extended period of time. We need a theme for my going away party. I was thinking maybe gender role swap? Or maybe favorite color? In any case, that will probably happen 2 weeks from now.

What do you suggest? I want to know!