[Photo Journal] A walk in the snow through parks in New York

On Sunday, I went on a walk with 2 good friends and their dog in Fort Tyron Park and Inwood Hill Park in New York. The weather was great, and it was so quiet!
Yesterday was my first day “back” in the routine of living and working in New York City. New York is my hometown, which decided to welcome me back from the tropics with snow and freezing temperatures. Awesome! Haha, but really, I’m glad to be back!

Riverside Park in snow

I walked out of my building this morning and took this photo of the park across the street. It is probably one of the best parts about living in this building. The park entrance in the photo is set at the top of a hill and is picturesquely situated at the end of a street. Viewed from Broadway, it is pretty awesome, I must say. This staircase is sometimes the location for scenes in TV or film, though I haven’t seen it on the small or big screen myself yet. It’s a nice sight to see after walking up the hill from the train station to go home each day!

For the next 3 months, I’ll be based out of the office of the non-governmental non-profit organization where I was working before I started the PhD program. It was nice to catch up with everyone, and it will definitely be nice to have a place that I can work from every day.

My goals for my time in New York are to get research done, do some cultural things, and spend lots of time with friends and family! In an effort to be more measurable with these goals, here are some major points I’ll try to achieve:

  • Draft 1 manuscript (much of the analysis is done)
  • Learn some new skills!
  • Attend at least 6 music or cultural events (about 2 per month)
  • Do 1 quality time activity (not just watching TV) with each family member per week
  • Hang out with friends at least once per week

Other goals will include working out hopefully 3 times a week, and seeing my nephew as much as possible. I’ll start keeping track this week and see if I can make my goals!

2014-02-09 16.21.03_smallfile

2014-02-09 16.32.04_smallfile

2014-02-09 16.58.12_smallfile

2014-02-09 16.58.32_smallfile

2014-02-09 16.23.02_smallfile