Travel Plans

Home Base: New York, NY, USA

January: Singapore; Sri Lanka
February: Bangkok, Thailand; Cambodia; Singapore; Australia
March: New York, NY, USA (Settling back in the States!)
June: Rhode Island, USA (Team retreat)
July: Maryland, USA (Tournament)
July: United Kingdom (Friends got married!)
July: Chicago, IL, USA (Tournament)
October: Singapore (For my thesis defense);

March: Korea (My painter friend Mary is going to be there for an art residency!)
March/April: Japan (My friend is getting married! Well, I guess I just have to go see the cherry blossoms.)

Last updated: 20 September 2017


Number of countries I’ve visited: 20
Number of continents: 4
Number of countries I’ve competed in ultimate (frisbee): 9

Past years

Home Base: New York, NY, USA

Home Base: London, UK
March: New York, NY, USA
April: Warsaw, Poland
May: Copehagen, Denmark
July/August: Singapore
September: New York, NY, USA
November: Vienna, Austria (Conference)
November: Moving home to New York! Just in time for Thanksgiving! 😀
December: Melbourne, Australia (Conference)
December: Sydney, Australia
December: Adelaide and Kangaroo Island, Australia

Home Base: London, UK
Jan: Singapore
Jan/Feb: Bangkok and Koh Phangan, Thailand [Meet colleague and visit field site]
March/April: Barcelona and Sitges, Spain [For a conference]
April: Cantabria and Basque Country, Spain
April/May: New York, NY, USA
May: Yorkshire, England
June: Cardiff, Wales
July: St. Albans, England
August: Southampton, England
September: Pisa, Italy [Beach ultimate tournament]
Sept/Oct: New York, NY, USA
October: Brighton, England
November: Barcelona, Spain
Dec: New York, NY, USA

Home Bases: Singapore; New York, NY, USA
January: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [For a graduate student conference]
Feb-April: New York, NY, USA
April: Fredericksburg, VA, USA [Ultimate tournament]
May: London, United Kingdom
(Tentative) May: somewhere in Southeast Asia!
June-July: Singapore
August: Lecco, Lombardy, Italy [For World Ultimate Club Championships 2014, an Ultimate tournament with Shiok Ultimate out of Singapore];
Venice, Florence, and Rome, Italy
(Tentative) August: Montreal, Quebec, Canada [EcoHealth 2014 conference]
October: London, UK; Turkey
November/December: New York, NY, USA

Home Base: Singapore
June: Sugadaira and Tokyo, Japan [Ultimate tournament: Japan Mixed Nationals]
June: New York, NY, USA [Booked flights! Going to visit family and meet new nephew!]
August: Bangkok, Thailand
August: AOUCC 2013 [Ultimate tournament]
September: Thailand [Visit a colleague at her field station]
November: Manila and Palawan, Philippines

Montreal, Shanghai, Taiwan, Madison, Delhi, Bangkok, Singapore, Tempe, Seattle, Wuhan, Baltimore, Bethesda, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo