[Review] Too Fast To Sleep in Bangkok

Too Fast To Sleep is a coffee shop or cafe in Bangkok, Thailand near the Sam Yan MRT station, and a short walk from the Sala Daeng BTS station. This is my Too Fast to Sleep review.

In addition to having a pretty awesome name, this coffee shop is a cool place to settle in and get some work done. Like the name suggests, it is open 24 hours and 7 days a week. Although I haven’t seen much of this city, I think this is my new favorite hangout in Bangkok…

The downstairs area looks like a normal coffee shop and you might get a little confused with which door to go through (the huge wooden double doors), but once you go upstairs, you enter a large room with very high ceilings and bookshelves full of books. It feels very open and welcoming in there. I felt comfortable there and could sense that this was a good working environment.

Too Fast To Sleep (upstairs, left)Too Fast To Sleep (upstairs, middle)Too Fast To Sleep (upstairs, right)

The inside

There are large tables down the middle of the room, and higher tables and stools along the window facing out. There are also some lower tables with cushioned armchairs. Next to that, there was also a greenhouse type attached seating area, but I didn’t get a chance to explore it this time (see the left side on the first picture above).

There isn’t much to look at outside the window, but I got a nice seat on a stool and did some work while drinking a Thai coffee. It is coffee with condensed milk on the bottom. After stirring it, it tastes strong and a bit sweet, but not too much. One of these cost 80 THB (which is about 2+ USD). The WiFi is free, and works pretty well. You just have to get a little paper slip from the counter with a code to enter in when prompted.

Final thoughts

I think I might come back here within the next few days to get some work done if I’m still in town. The coffee was pretty strong. This small glass gave me a bit of a caffeine high. I think if I do come back, I’ll have to get something else that is less intense. They also have a menu of dishes from various cuisines, and an array of desserts and macaroons that look incredibly enticing…

I really like the name of this place. Life is sometimes too fast to sleep, but not always. If it was, we’d never have time to dream! 😛

I hope you found my Too Fast to Sleep review helpful!


Too Fast To Sleep is located at 754 Rama 4 Rd., Si Phraya, Bang Rak, Bangkok, Thailand

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