Girl holding sparkler

HOoray, I’m thirty! Let’s make shit happen!

Last week…it happened…I turned 30 years of age. Here’s my crack at thirties life advice. Ha!

Nothing special happened, and the next day my country recognized same-sex marriage as a right, so my birthday became even more of a non-event. I don’t mind.

If my Facebook feed could be this full of people celebrating something this wonderful all the time, I would be happy forever.

I’ve never really celebrated my birthday, and I generally don’t like being the center of attention. I even felt somewhat of a twinge of selfishness when planning a small outing for my 30th birthday with a handful of friends and my sister.

I think this is because I don’t believe in asking other people to celebrate me (and my birth). Why should they care to? I know it is a fun excuse to get together, have some drinks, etc. But a part of me feels self conscious about it still.

I’m 30. Ok, I’m getting older. No one cares, except for maybe my mom and the guys on Tinder and OkCupid who may now exclude me from their age ranges.

I’d rather celebrate each day, trying to be the truest me that I can be. I don’t want to hear about other people’s insecurities about turning thirty anymore. I don’t want to read another article trying to justify to 30-something women that they should feel good about themselves.

We shouldn’t need to hear that from someone else. We should hear that from ourselves.

So, let’s spend our time trying make more stuff happen like what went down on June 26th, 2015. Let’s go!

Image credit: Morgan Sessions