Moving to Singapore from USA: general tips and best/worst

Moving to Singapore from USA was a big deal for me, since the climate is so tropical and it is really far from home! Here are some general tips and my list of best/worst decisions I made when making the move. Hopefully they’ll be helpful for your move if you are planning one! You can find more resources on this page. (Updated 09 November 2016)

If you are instead interested in moving to the USA, check out my other post on that topic. You’ll also find more general tips on my resources page for moving to Singapore. Continue Reading

From New York City, to Helsinki, to Singapore

My plan for the past few weeks involved packing up a portion of my things in New York City, cleaning out the cobwebs, and seeing some friends for some last drinks and/or meals (for now, not forever!). My plan for the next week or so is to go to Helsinki, Finland for 4 days, and then move to Singapore just after New Year’s. My flight for Helsinki leaves tomorrow!! This will be my 3rd time there, and I am looking forward to what will be the coldest New Year’s Eve I’ve ever had in my entire life. Continue Reading