[Recipe] Mini Onigiri (Japanese rice balls) recipe

I really like onigiri. Each time I’ve been to Japan, I’ve eaten at least one per day. They are a cheap snack you can get in all convenience stores and keep in your bag for when you need a quick energy boost. Traditionally, they are palm-sized triangles of rice with fish or other things in the middle, with a rectangular piece of seaweed wrapped around it. This recipe is for a smaller bite-sized version using Japanese style pickled vegetables.

First step is to decide what you want to put in your onigiri (rice balls). Today I have rice mixed with pickled vegetables, but you can also have rice with salmon in the middle or algae or anything else you want.

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[Recipe] Not exactly fried rice (a somewhat healthier rice dish)

This dish is my take on a traditional Chinese dish that my dad makes. It involves leafy veggies, some variation of bak choy usually, and rice. Although you end up putting the rice in the wok with the veggies, it isn’t exactly the same as fried rice. This is because you cook the rice in a pot simultaneously and then when it is almost done but still wet, you add it to the wok and cook it the rest of the way with the vegetables. So in a way, it is a wetter fried rice than your usual fried rice. Continue Reading

Newest food weakness: salmon pepper rice

Salmon pepper rice from Pepper Lunch

The griddle is super hot and sizzles for at least 10 minutes after you get it.

The salmon is raw when they place it on. The rice has pepper, corn, and scallions/chives on top with butter and sauce on the inside. You mix it all up, letting the salmon and rice cook, then dig in! So delicious that I eat this at least once a week! I would eat it more often were it not 400+ calories and so greasy. But still, 400 calories isn’t bad! You can also ask for extra salmon or an egg. I sometimes would scoop out the butter from the center of the rice pile if I didn’t feel like having so much butter. I would also save some of it for another meal if I got full. A good way to do it could be to get the double salmon serving and save half of it for another meal (bring your own tupperware!).