The stage for Book of Mormon The stage is set for the Book of Mormon at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre in New York

The Book of Mormon! Finally won the ticket lottery!

Last night I saw the Book of Mormon at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre. I won the rush tickets for $32 each through the lottery that they hold 2 hours before the show. It was funny, lively, and an interesting look into Mormonism. The show pokes fun at the history of the religion and how it started, as well as their methods of door-to-door salesman-like recruitment of believers. My favorite number was “Turn It Off,” where the missionaries sing about ignoring any bad things that happen in life by turning off that part. They also touch upon some serious realities of civil unrest in Uganda and how women are targeted.
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First press conference, Fall Out Boy at the Butter Factory!

Fall Out Boy was one of my first favorite rock bands, and I think they just might become a favorite again. Tonight I got to seem them in the flesh at a press conference for their 2013 album titled “Save Rock and Roll” at the Art Bar in the nightclub Butter Factory here in Singapore.

Fall Out Boy at the Art Bar

Press conference for “Save Rock and Roll” at the Art Bar, the Butter Factory, in Singapore.

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