Favorite projects on Kickstarter December 2016

I don’t go shopping very often, but I can’t seem to kick this Kickstarter habit. Instead of Black Friday, why not check out some cool projects on Kickstarter? Many of them are promising shipping in time for the holidays!


2017 Nowhere Print Annual

Nowhere is a long-form travel writing magazine. I love the feel of books, even though I have an ereader. Should be a good read!

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Favorite projects on Kickstarter November 2016

This is my third time posting a monthly roundup, and it’s starting to get to be an obsession. This is a dangerous habit! These are my favorite projects on Kickstarter November 2016. Here are my first and second posts if you are interested.

Projects I Backed

Bears vs. Babies

Ending November 18th
I have Exploding Kittens the card game, and this new game by the same creator looks to be just as awesome. The premise is that you are building a bear with multiple cards with body parts, with the number of cards being how many babies you can “eat” or defeat.

Check it out here.
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Favorite projects on Kickstarter October 2016

I love Kickstarter. Perhaps it is a bad thing if I start to do this monthly posts (see last month’s). I may have to enforce an annual budget for this. These are my favorite projects on Kickstarter October 2016.

Projects I backed

Backdrop, a theatre based Role Playing Game (Ending October 25)

This looks amazing because of the style of the artwork and the design of the game. Everything is set up as if it were on a stage, with all the characters and sets made of paper. This means that elements like fire and sharp weapons will play a role in gameplay (i.e. you can burn things and rip through the backdrop to the set!). They also give power to words and emotions in the game.
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Favorite Kickstarter Projects September 2016

I have a habit of checking Kickstarter every few months or so and backing some projects that I find useful or really like. In the past, I’ve backed some travel related gear, ultimate events, and a few food or water related equipment. Here are my favorite Kickstarter projects this time round.

Why I back projects

Different perspective

Instead of thinking of this as buying a product, Kickstarter promotes the perspective of “backing” a project. This means you are an investor, no matter what amount of money you put in. By backing a project, you are giving the creators a vote of confidence that their idea is a good one and worth the effort.

Insider info

I like getting updates on the progress of a project during the campaign phase and after it’s been successfully funded. You get a sense for what effort really goes into the process. Plus, you get to see each stage of the process, not just the end product.
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