Ultimate is my passion

Disc with cactus shot glass

A disc and a shot glass. Just another normal day at a tournament.

Ultimate (frisbee) is my passion. It’s the ultimate sport in my mind, and many will agree. It is the one thing that I know I will be passionate about for the rest of my life. It is how I’ve met many of my closest friends, and how I’ve met every guy that I’ve ever dated. Why am I so passionate? Let me explain!
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136 days until World Ultimate Club Championships in Lecco, Italy!

I’m officially 136 days away from playing ultimate in Italy for the World Ultimate Club Championships (WUCC) 2014! This international tournament will be held in Lecco, Italy (which is somewhat close to Milan). The weeks and days are winding down now, and I’ll soon be back in Singapore to train with my team (Shiok! ultimate).

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Aerial fabrics…harder than it looks!

Aerial fabrics, or aerial silks, is really hard! I don’t know what I was expecting, but it is tough. Last weekend, I took an intro class for aerial fabrics, or aerial silks, at Body and Pole in New York. Although I wish I were more flexible so that I could do real splits and things, I got a really great upper body workout, much of it being in the forearms. Continue Reading