Newest food weakness: salmon pepper rice

Salmon pepper rice from Pepper Lunch

The griddle is super hot and sizzles for at least 10 minutes after you get it.

The salmon is raw when they place it on. The rice has pepper, corn, and scallions/chives on top with butter and sauce on the inside. You mix it all up, letting the salmon and rice cook, then dig in! So delicious that I eat this at least once a week! I would eat it more often were it not 400+ calories and so greasy. But still, 400 calories isn’t bad! You can also ask for extra salmon or an egg. I sometimes would scoop out the butter from the center of the rice pile if I didn’t feel like having so much butter. I would also save some of it for another meal if I got full. A good way to do it could be to get the double salmon serving and save half of it for another meal (bring your own tupperware!).