[Photo Journal] Remarkable Rocks are truly remarkable!

When you hear Remarkable Rocks, what do you think of? Precious stones? Meteorites? Rock formations?

These rocks are huge formations that are on the edge of the coastline of Kangaroo Island in Australia. Not only do you get to be at the edge of the water, but you can see for miles! I never really got into geology, but seeing these rocks in person was quite the experience. If you are headed to South Australia, Kangaroo Island is a stop that any nature and geology lover should make!

This is my Remarkable Rocks travel blog post with my favorite photos, video highlights, and tips on planning your trip.

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About the Remarkable Rocks, Kangaroo Island

These rocks formed over 500 million years ago! The big base rock dome is made of lava and sits about 200 feet above the water.

The big boulders sitting on the base rock are made of granite, and it took millions of years of rain and weather to expose them. Years of wind erosion and climate has led to the interesting shapes of the rocks.

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Video highlights of the Remarkable Rocks

These are some of my video highlights from my trip! I went on two different days, and luckily the first day was less crowded.

Love love loved it!

When I heard the name Remarkable Rocks, I didn’t think too much of it. I thought, hey, maybe they’ll be pretty cool, but how cool could it be?

I was surprised to find that I really liked being on the rock and walking around in circles amongst the big rocks that rested on top of the bigger rock.

My favorite part about seeing the Remarkable Rocks was the view of the ocean and coastline nearby. You can look down the side of the rock at the right at the water’s edge (just don’t slide down into the water!), or you could stay by the side and look at the coastline. There was a family flying a drone on that side, but I didn’t stick around to see how far they could fly it. It was pretty windy that day, so I don’t think it was possible to go very far or high!

There were some cool rocks that were smaller, and even one where I could step inside and peer out from. The owner of the hostel where I was staying had come here with her daughter many years before and done the same thing, and she even showed me the old photo from around 10 years ago!

Another cool thing about the Remarkable Rocks is that when you walk up to it, the area is flat and unobstructed so you can see it from quite far away. As you get closer, you slowly realize how massive and unique these rocks really are!

Photo journal

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Remarkable Rocks Travel Guide

A car is a must on Kangaroo Island. You can rent them when you get to the island, or you can drive them onto the ferry from the mainland. More details to come in a full post about Kangaroo Island!

If you don’t have a car or don’t want to drive, there are tour groups that do day trips to see several parts of the island. These tours cost about $100 AUD per person for the day.

Or if you are lucky like me, you can share with others that you meet at your accommodation! I went around one day with the hostel owners, and another day with a fellow guest at the hostel who had space in his car.

Remarkable Rocks are part of the Flinders Chase National Park. You first need to go to the visitor center to pay your entry fee and get a ticket to display in the car window. On public holidays, they have self-serve forms and envelopes that you can fill out and insert cash. You then slip the envelope into the slit in the box for this purpose, and you can visit most parts of the park!

Map screenshot of Remarkable Rocks Kangaroo Island

What to bring

Make sure that you have enough gas to get around to the different parts of the park and back to your accommodation. The island is actually pretty big, and you could be driving an hour or more each way depending on where you are staying. There aren’t many gas stations nearby to the national park, so fill up before you go!

Be sure to pack food and water. Besides in the visitor center, there isn’t anywhere to buy these. Bring your hat, mosquito repellant, and sunscreen as well!

For photos, bring your camera and drone if you have one!

Time of day to go

I would recommend going earlier in the day because, if the sun is out, it can get quite hot out there on the rocks! Plus, the earlier you get there, you might have a better chance of having it all to yourself!

If the rocks were more comfortable to sit on, you could have a picnic there. If you have some cushions or soft things to sit on, you could chill out in a nice spot. There are some big rocks that provide a decent amount of shade at the right time of day.

One of the must sees of Kangaroo Island

Remarkable Rocks on Kangaroo Island, Australia
Remarkable Rocks, Kangaroo Island is one of the must sees. I’ll be writing another post about Admiral’s Arch, the other major sight you must see! If you have a chance, you may even want to go twice like I did. I never thought I would be so excited about seeing some rocks, but I guess I surprised myself!

I hope you found this Remarkable Rocks travel blog post helpful! I’m putting together a big post for a Kangaroo Island Travel Guide, so if you are interested in going and have specific questions, put them in the comments!

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  • I didn’t quite realise just how big these rocks are!! One day I’ll make it back to South Australia and will no doubt visit Kangaroo Island then.

    • Yeah! I had to include some photos with people in them so that you would be able to tell. Walking up to it was super surreal!