LYL Blog challenge Day 3: What do people thank me for

This post is part of the Live Your Legend Blog Challenge. Find out more about it here and follow my progress here. This is the third of the blog challenge posts.

What do people thank you for?

In the last year, I’ve put time into helping younger players in my ultimate teams. It’s a sport that I really believe in, and have been playing for 15 years.

I’ve written before here and here about how much ultimate means to me, but it is something that I think can’t be described to someone who hasn’t experienced it themselves.

It’s a community. It’s a passion. It’s a competition. It’s all of those things.

Just another day of #ultimate

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It’s especially been rewarding to work with the young women on my university team and London club team. Focusing on my own improvement has been a major goal at the same time, but I enjoyed passing on my knowledge and guide younger players.

Whether it was meeting with them in small groups to introduce them to the gym, or taking breaks to throw around in the afternoon, all the time spent was well spent.

Being a leader

Teammates thank me for being a calming presence on the field. I think this comes from my underlying confidence in my ability to know what to do in any situation. It’s kinda like I’m resting on my experience, not having to think but being able to react. My goal when I step on the field is to use my abilities to allow my teammates to do what they do best. This lets them relax a bit too and focus on what they can do.

I’m not sure how this can translate into other parts of my life, but it’s something I have grown into in the last year. The next stage in my life will probably rely on these kinds of skills if I can further develop them. In a graduate student skills workshop earlier this year, I realized that I could be a leader. I wouldn’t be a typical leader, but I feel that I could lead in my own way.

The next few years are going to be really interesting. I wonder what I’m going to do next!