Favorite projects on Kickstarter October 2016

I love Kickstarter. Perhaps it is a bad thing if I start to do this monthly posts (see last month’s). I may have to enforce an annual budget for this. These are my favorite projects on Kickstarter October 2016.

Projects I backed

Backdrop, a theatre based Role Playing Game (Ending October 25)

This looks amazing because of the style of the artwork and the design of the game. Everything is set up as if it were on a stage, with all the characters and sets made of paper. This means that elements like fire and sharp weapons will play a role in gameplay (i.e. you can burn things and rip through the backdrop to the set!). They also give power to words and emotions in the game.

Firebiner (Ending October 14)

This looks uber useful. It’s a carabiner that has their patented firestarter built into it. For just $10, that’s pretty awesome.

Podo, a stick and shoot camera (Ending October 13)

This is their second verson of this camera. It’s been improved to have 2x larger pixels, can take wide angle photos, and you can sync up to 6 of these devices. It’s micro-adhesive backing means it can stick to pretty much anything, including the bark of a tree! Use this link if you are interested in backing too!

It works with an app on your phone and can do normal photos, time delay, and time lapse.

Darwin’s On the Origin of Species as a picture book adaptation (Ending November 9)

I couldn’t not back this one. Being a scientist, and specifically an ecology focused one, I love this idea of bringing Darwin’s theories to life in a picture book format. It’ll be interesting to see how his ideas can be conveyed in a simple and engaging way that kids would enjoy!

Didn’t back, but are pretty cool

LVL, a wearable hydration monitor and fitness tracker (Ending October 27)

Moti, a companion device for habit formation (Ending October 19)

ZEI time tracking device (Ending October 26)

Creative Computing (Ending October 27)

‘Til next time

I don’t know what it is about Kickstarter, but when I find something great or useful it brings me great joy. Lots of projects don’t quite peak my interest, but there usually are always a few that are at least very tempting!

Do you enjoy Kickstarter? What’s your favorite project going on now?