[Photo Journal] A summertime romp through the famous Kew Gardens in London

What if any life problem could be solved by taking a walk through an English garden? That’s a lovely thought. I wish it were true. If only I were a Jane Austen character. That would also be a win for #diversity! Woot! As far as gardens in London go, this one can’t be beat!

This summer I had the chance to spend a few days in my old haunts in London. On the top of my list was heading back to check out the Royal Botanic Gardens, aka Kew Gardens. What did I do? I did some strollin’, that’s what.

Kew Gardens sundial

English gardens

One of the best things about England is the gardens. World renowned due to their heavy presence in classic English literature and every period piece movie, English gardens are characterized by their clean grass and orderly paths fit for anytime strolling. English gardens aren’t just a setting or a background: they are a character in and of themselves.

THE English garden to rule them all

Kew Gardens in London, aka the Royal Botanic Gardens, are just that, a royal garden. This is as fancy as it gets! It is the biggest of gardens in London, and also has the longest history.

As I wandered through the lush green landscape, I thought about my friends whom I had just spent a few awesome days with and also about my life moving forward. Anyone who is unemployed wanting to be employed knows the emotional difficulties that brings, but looking around I also could feel content and hopeful.

On any day, you’ll see tourists and school groups pouring into the gardens to enjoy the scenery and check out a few interesting spots like the Hive. Near the main gates, you’ll also find the large glass structure which is the conservatory.

Despite the many school groups and tourists, the quiet patches of grass and winding paths was a welcome calm after a few days of constantly being around people.

Garden me time

More than anything, this trip to the gardens was a time for me to be alone. I needed this time to unwind, to take in the sun, and to sit somewhere without having to do anything.

I had time to think about what I would like to do next in life. I could contemplate my relationship with this blog. I could admire the views and space out for a while.

So, space out with me for a while and check out these photos I took.

Photo Journal of Kew Gardens in London in summer

Kew Gardens, London, UK

Kew Gardens

Lake at Kew Gardens

A goose at Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens in London, UK

Walking paths in Kew Gardens, London, UK

The Hive at Kew Gardens

Inside the Hive at Kew Gardens

Treetop walkway at Kew Gardens

Tree at Kew Gardens

Walking the paths through sun at Kew Gardens

What’s next

I didn’t come to some revelation while walking the gardens. Nor did I find the love of my life, which is what you might think happened in an English garden by reading any old English lit. Nothing spectacular, but I did enjoy the strolling.

What will life bring me? What am I to do with myself? Thinking about these questions in an English garden didn’t change anything, but it was a pretty setting to do so in!

Kew gardens-min

Kew gardens-min