What I’m watching lately | June/July 2017 edition

This is a compilation of Youtube videos that I watched in the month of June and July. I typically use them as breaks from work, or during lunch or mid afternoon snack I’ll put one on. It’s coming a little bit late as I was traveling a lot in July, but here it is anyway!

Check back in the coming weeks for updates about my travels to London, Brighton and Chicago!

An eclectic mix

Last Week Tonight: Brexit 2.0

Having lived 2 years in London, this update on Brexit was super interesting. I still feel a little shocked at how things went down. Kinda like how I’m shocked at about how my home country’s election went down too.

Quit social media

I don’t think I’ll quit, but I already try to use social media only sparingly. How do you feel about it? Watch this video and let me know what you think.

The irony I guess is that this idea is being spread through social media. It has the potential to spread faster through video, and that’s the point of TED talks. But I guess he doesn’t need to participate firsthand in social media to be able to reap the benefits.

I try not to get sucked into social media, and spend very little time on my phone each day. I do understand his point of view, but I also feel that I don’t know enough about how my information is in danger of being exploited and how/if that can be prevented.

Why do cats do weird things?

I like cats. I may be a cat person…

I’ve always thought if I got a furry animal for a pet it would be a cat. This is because they are low maintenance and can mostly take care of themselves. They are also super hilarious and cute. I get that dogs will love unconditionally, but I also like the idea of having an animal that “chose” to be domesticated.

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? VACCINATE!

This is a really frustrating issue for scientists and people working in public health. Vaccines save lives and control the spread of diseases. John Oliver explains very well why it’s so difficult and frustrating. If you have any doubt about this, please watch and keep an open mind.

I liked that he emphasized that we don’t appreciate enough the huge benefits of vaccinations. Really, the debate about vaccines shouldn’t be a debate, much like with evolution.

Asian men and being “sexy”

It’s not about liking Asian men more or not, as some of the commenters have pointed out. It’s the prejudice that Asian men inherently cannot be sexy, which colors any interaction with or exposure to Asian men. Having a “preference” for Asian men borders on fetishizing in my book, just as it would the other way around with non-Asians preferring to date Asian women.

To be honest, I have not thought that much about this perspective but I do understand it. Eugene and the group at some point talk about how the Asian men that are portrayed in the media are so good looking, that it creates this inflated standard that Asian men cannot possibly live up to. Not all Asian men can be that, nor should they feel like they should be trying to be in order to be included in the conversation.

The point here could be that an “average” looking Asian man, all else equal, is still conventionally considered less attractive than an “average” looking White man. Framing this way might be more fair and may address the real issue here better than listing all the hot Asian men that exist.

Try Guys take care of toddlers for a day (or part of a day)

I’ve babysat for my nephew and niece over the past 4 years, and it is hard. You would think that when they are napping you can do other things, but that time really just turns into sitting on the couch staring at nothing and not doing anything because you just need to stop for a second.

It’s nice to see the guys struggling but also connecting with the kids in this video.

Ladylike gets photoshopped into their childhood Barbie dolls

Ladylike is a recent find for me. For about 3 days, I watched so many of their videos! I liked this one because it linked back to something representing body image for each person from their childhood. It’s an interesting experiment.

We never had Asian Barbie dolls when I was growing up, so I never had a deep attachment to them. I remember thinking that I wished their feet were flat, not pointed as if always wearing high heels. Maybe I’m too practical and science-minded, even as a child?


I’m thinking of making this into a regular series on this blog. What do you think? Let me know if you have any recommendations!