First press conference, Fall Out Boy at the Butter Factory!

Fall Out Boy was one of my first favorite rock bands, and I think they just might become a favorite again. Tonight I got to seem them in the flesh at a press conference for their 2013 album titled “Save Rock and Roll” at the Art Bar in the nightclub Butter Factory here in Singapore.

Fall Out Boy at the Art Bar

Press conference for “Save Rock and Roll” at the Art Bar, the Butter Factory, in Singapore.

I first heard them during undergraduate, probably around 2004 or 2005 (when their second album From Under the Cork Tree came out). I distinctly remember a friend asking me what was the name of some song she heard in the cafe. She sang two notes back to me and I knew right away it was “Dance, Dance” because you cannot mistake the chorus melody.

It is nice to see that they are still enjoying making music, and that they had the foresight to know they needed a break before coming out with this album. Their sound seems to have matured since their early very punk days, but I’m looking forward to getting familiar with the new album. Some of their old songs are still great, but I’ve outgrown it in some ways as I am sure they have too. I can always listen to it again when I feel nostalgic.

It was really cool to see them in person, and so close! I wish I could afford to go to their concert, but maybe next time. I did prepare a question or two that I could have asked, but didn’t have the courage. Maybe next time for that too…

If you are one of those last minute people and still want to go, the concert is tomorrow night! You can get tickets at Sistic.