Favorite Kickstarter Projects September 2016

I have a habit of checking Kickstarter every few months or so and backing some projects that I find useful or really like. In the past, I’ve backed some travel related gear, ultimate events, and a few food or water related equipment. Here are my favorite Kickstarter projects this time round.

Why I back projects

Different perspective

Instead of thinking of this as buying a product, Kickstarter promotes the perspective of “backing” a project. This means you are an investor, no matter what amount of money you put in. By backing a project, you are giving the creators a vote of confidence that their idea is a good one and worth the effort.

Insider info

I like getting updates on the progress of a project during the campaign phase and after it’s been successfully funded. You get a sense for what effort really goes into the process. Plus, you get to see each stage of the process, not just the end product.

Unique products

Many of the things I have backed are unique either because they are not offered elsewhere (at least initially), they are innovative technology that may not be available if not funded, or simply won’t be available after the Kickstarter.

Quality over quantity

I’ve become much more of a minimalist over the past few years, so I like to back projects that echo that philosophy. I prefer to have things that will last longer, and have great functionality.

What I’ve backed

These are the ones that I’ve backed most recently.

Performance denim

These look like a great alternative to traditional denim. Hopefully they are worth it! (Ending September 15)

Sketchy Notebook

This is a birthday gift for my sister. Don’t worry, she knows about it so this isn’t ruining a surprise or anything. (Ending November 5)

Lomo’Instant Automat Camera

This just looks amazing. I’m not a great photographer, but I’m looking forward to playing around with this. Seems like it won’t get here in time for my big trip to Australia though. (Ending October 5)


I recently received my Travelmore backpack, and should be receiving my Ably shirts and hoodie soon. I’ll write up a review of them after I’ve tried them out for a while!

Travelmore backpack

Do you like to back projects on Kickstarter? What are your favorite Kickstarter projects?