Favorite projects on Kickstarter November 2016

This is my third time posting a monthly roundup, and it’s starting to get to be an obsession. This is a dangerous habit! These are my favorite projects on Kickstarter November 2016. Here are my first and second posts if you are interested.

Projects I Backed

Bears vs. Babies

Ending November 18th
I have Exploding Kittens the card game, and this new game by the same creator looks to be just as awesome. The premise is that you are building a bear with multiple cards with body parts, with the number of cards being how many babies you can “eat” or defeat.

Check it out here.

My Name is Stardust

Ending November 17th
Space is one of those things that will always be awe inspiring for many people. The artwork looks amazing and the artist talks about her techniques a little bit in this video.

Check it out here.


Ending November 20th
When I saw this, I just thought this is freaking cool.

Check it out here.

Green Traveler

Ending November 22nd
I like that this container has many compartments, is leak proof, and can hang from your bag. I have a little bit of anxiety every time I have to put a food container in my bag because the thought of it spilling inside makes me nervous.

Check it out here.

Asiya – Activewear for Muslim female athletes

Ending November 17th
As a girl who grew up wanting to play sports but felt some social pressure not to (the girls hid in the bathroom during gym class in middle school!), this is something I can fully get behind.

Check it out here.

Didn’t back but are pretty cool

Clades the evolutionary card game

Ending December 7th
If you’ve played Set the card game, this is pretty similar except with evolution as the central theme.

Check it out here.

DIY papercraft kits

Ending November 2
It has sticky edges that you peel the backing off and then stick to their corresponding numbered parts. Pretty neat!

Check it out here.

Boston Typewriter Orchestra album

They have a rhythmic and beat heavy sound. It seems to get a little repetitive, but if that’s your thing you might like this!

Check it out here.

Until next time

I’ll be receiving a few of my Kickstarter rewards in the next few months. I’ll take some time to test them out and then review them here! Next review will be my Travelmore bag, which I’m taking with me to Vienna, Austria this week. Next after that will probably be my Lomo’Instant Automat camera. I’m super excited that they will be shipping this month, so I’ll likely receive it before I leave for Australia!!