The stage for Book of Mormon The stage is set for the Book of Mormon at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre in New York

The Book of Mormon! Finally won the ticket lottery!

Last night I saw the Book of Mormon at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre. I won the rush tickets for $32 each through the lottery that they hold 2 hours before the show. It was funny, lively, and an interesting look into Mormonism. The show pokes fun at the history of the religion and how it started, as well as their methods of door-to-door salesman-like recruitment of believers. My favorite number was “Turn It Off,” where the missionaries sing about ignoring any bad things that happen in life by turning off that part. They also touch upon some serious realities of civil unrest in Uganda and how women are targeted.

The packed theatre for Book of Mormon

The theatre was packed, standing room only!

My friend and I had box seats that were all the way in front, right above the stage and the pit (great music!). I couldn’t see the back of the stage, but since most of the action happened at the front of the stage I still had a good view. The seats to the sides of the orchestra also had only a partial view.

This was probably my 4th time trying to get tickets through the lottery. The previous 3 (failed) tries were over a year ago, but it hasn’t gotten any less competitive to win now! Last night, they had an unusually large number of tickets available, so probably around 15 people won.

Lottery tips

Some tips if you are thinking about trying to get tickets through the lottery:

  • You don’t have to get there early! Especially nowadays since it is cold out, you can arrive just 5-10 minutes before the drawing (i.e. 4:50 if the drawing is at 5PM). Don’t waste your time waiting around. The one time I did get there right when it opened at 4:30, there was a mad rush of people (newbies like me at the time) for the entry form slips. Don’t make yourself any more anxious than necessary! Just cruise in, fill out a form and you are good to go!
  • One exception! Some shows have standing room tickets, including this one, so if you want to buy those tickets in the case that you don’t win, you should enter your name in the lottery early and line up to buy those tickets because this line forms before they start drawing winners.
  • Photo ID: I’m guessing this goes for all ticket lotteries, but you need to have photo identification on your person when you win so that you can prove you are the person that the winning name belongs to. That said, it should be a no brainer to put your real name that is on your identification on the lottery entry form.
  • Listen to what they say! If they say only enter your name one time, only enter your name one time! They will look through the entries for duplicates if you win.
  • Think of a fun way to celebrate loudly if your name is called!
  • Have a plan for dinner nearby. Your friend(s) can go and get a table while you line up to purchase your tickets. It may take up to 30 minutes depending on how many tickets they are selling and if you are one of the later winners, so you might not be ready to head to a restaurant until a little more than 1 hour before showtime. Lessen the stress by having a plan for where you will eat and maybe even have your friend order for you when you are nearing the ticket window.

Go see the show!

I hope this helps you if you are thinking about trying for the rush ticket lottery! It is a great show, and definitely worth it if you can get tickets for just $32, which is great since I’m still on a grad student budget!

PS. I ate at Lillie’s across the street, and the bartender was really nice when my order came out wrong. I ate quickly and thankfully wasn’t late for the show.