Tumbling in the waves of Sri Lanka

Note: I entered a version of this story to the World Nomad’s travel writing competition in 2017. It’s been adapted and expanded on here. I’m hoping to publish more stories like this in the future. Share your thoughts in the comments!

Sometimes you have to just laugh at yourself. And that’s what I did. Snorting seawater out of my nose, I laughed at myself, deeply and heartily.

Galle Fort ocean
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How to spend a summer day in Brighton, England

I know, I know. Autumn is here. Summer came to a close, but it’s not too late or early to reminisce or plan a trip. Although I lived in the United Kingdom for 2 years, I never made it out to the beach. On my one week trip for a friend’s wedding last summer, I finally made a visit to the most famous beach in England.

Brighton, and its beach, is one of the most iconic places to visit during summer in England. Here was how I spent my perfect summer day in Brighton, UK.

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Unemployed and not (completely) depressed about it

Jobless and no future plans again for the second time in my life. Having been in school for most of my life, looking for a job again is a little scary. But it’s exciting too! I’m unemployed, and not completely depressed about it!

Thankfully, I’ve had some travels or future travel plans to distract me. Spoken like a true travel addict, right? Here’s how the past ~6 months of job searching has been for me. (Holy crap! It’s been half a year already?!) I am not yet depressed about the job search, and hopefully I can keep it that way!

Tacombi Fonda Nolita

Cool bike outside of a taco place I went to recently. More details about it below!

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Sweet 16 years of ultimate

This year is the official point in time where I’ve been playing this sport of ultimate for half of my life. That’s exciting! From this month onward, I will have participated in this global community for over half of my life. That’s something to be proud about.

This is the crazy spot that I’ve dedicated many thousands of hours, and thousands of dollars, to play and compete in. Just because I love it!

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My first British wedding on a very British Summer day

Weddings are happy occasions. Although a wedding of my own is nowhere in sight, I don’t mind them and have long since gotten over the life-envy that social media tends to create.

This was my first time I attending a wedding in a different country of my own! Being a traveler at heart, it is interesting to learn about different traditions and customs for other cultures, and in this case how British people do weddings.

2017-07-16 07.38.29-4-min

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International habits I’ve picked up from living abroad for 4 years

They say that you become most like the people that you spend the most time with. What happens when those people are always changing? Or maybe not always changing, but change periodically?

I’ve become an experiment of sorts in this, as over the last few years I’ve been surrounded by a mix of people from different cultures. Living in Asia for 2 years and then Europe for 2 years saw me picking up little habits here and there, some of which I find hard to shake off now that I’m Stateside again.

2016-11-07 14.24.06-min

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[Photo Journal] A summertime romp through the famous Kew Gardens in London

What if any life problem could be solved by taking a walk through an English garden? That’s a lovely thought. I wish it were true. If only I were a Jane Austen character. That would also be a win for #diversity! Woot! As far as gardens in London go, this one can’t be beat!

This summer I had the chance to spend a few days in my old haunts in London. On the top of my list was heading back to check out the Royal Botanic Gardens, aka Kew Gardens. What did I do? I did some strollin’, that’s what.

Kew Gardens sundial

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What I’m watching lately | June/July 2017 edition

This is a compilation of Youtube videos that I watched in the month of June and July. I typically use them as breaks from work, or during lunch or mid afternoon snack I’ll put one on. It’s coming a little bit late as I was traveling a lot in July, but here it is anyway!

Check back in the coming weeks for updates about my travels to London, Brighton and Chicago!

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