This is why you should go to Basque Country in Spain

Basque Country is a province in Spain along the northern border. These are my Basque Country photos to convince you to go there!

A day walk

2015-04-02 12.33.41

As such, there’s a beautiful coastline to see there! When I visited my friend there in April, we went on a cliffside walk from Gorliz to Plentzia. And I was not expecting these views.
2015-04-02 12.32.36

Not only was it gorgeous, but you could see and hear the waves rolling in.

2015-04-02 14.30.37

Which, sometimes, seemed to go on for miles on end.

2015-04-02 14.38.15

Best lunch spot ever.


Afterwards, we went to a nearby bar with outdoor seating to have a few beers. You could tell it was a chill spot where all the surfers would hang out.
2015-04-02 16.32.26

2015-04-02 16.43.32


I want to go back to Spain!

  • These photos are stunning! What a view! I especially like the painting on the side of the house. Clearly you had a delightful trip!

    • Thanks, Mary!! I’m excited to go back to Spain in a few weeks to visit a friend, but sadly won’t be able to do much beside hang out in Barcelona. But I’m not complaining! I still have loads to explore there!

  • April

    Wow this is absolutely beautiful! It reminds me a lot of Big Sur in California 🙂 I love your blog and look forward to following future adventures.


    • Thanks, April! I haven’t seen Big Sur! I really need to do more exploring of my own country, especially everything in the West.