Blue coffee mug Coffee at Rocket cafe in Bangkok

Bangkok in contrasts

Bangkok is changing very rapidly, just like any other major city in Asia. The interesting thing about Bangkok is that you’ll find areas that have become something entirely cosmopolitan overnight next to others that aren’t changing at the same rate (or at all).

Two sides, same coin

Two sides of a lightrail train station in central Bangkok
2013-09-28 16.52.15_smallfile2013-09-28 16.53.52_smallfile

Indoor eating
2013-09-28 19.02.50_smallfile
Outdoor eating
2013-10-01 18.43.35_smallfile

Modes of travel

The new BTS trains ran really smoothly and were very convenient to get around. I never ventured to take a bus, and was honestly a little intimidated by them. You have to know what you’re doing to take those, and generally only locals took the buses. Taxis are pretty cheap, but if you get stuck in traffic, you’ll be there for ages!

New school transportation
BTS Sky Train in Bangkok, Thailand
Old school transportation
Bus in Bangkok, Thailand

City living

Low rise living / High rise living
Apartments near the BTS station in Bangkok, Thailand
Park in Bangkok

Just glimpses

After going to Bangkok a few times, I still don’t feel that I know it as a city yet. These contrasts made me really think about how much Bangkok has changed and how much hasn’t changed. I hope to understand more about Thailand, but from what I’ve seen in Bangkok it is not so simple as what can be seen as a short term visitor!