Stadtpark Vienna in autumn

[Photo Journal] Autumn in Vienna: Stadtpark

It might be pretty apparent if you follow me on Instagram, but I love autumn. Last week, I got to experience autumn in Vienna (my excuse for going was a conference, research for the win!). Although it was overcast for most of the 6 days, I did get a peek at some sun and blue skies. Here are some photos from when I took a lunch break from the conference to take a walk through nearby Stadtpark.

Love affair with autumn

Autumn, lovely autumn. Or call it Fall. I’m easy. It’s my favorite season for many reasons:

Changing colors
Cool but fair weather
Did I mention the changing colors?

Entrance to Stadtpark, Vienna

Near the entrance to Stadtpark in Vienna


So I was in Vienna for a hackathon and conference. It was my first ever hackathon, and I think I would go to another in the future. It’s a great city for these types of things because there is a pretty active startup community based in Vienna. There are several co-working spaces in the city, and hackathons are a common thing.

On the first day of the conference, I took some time during the lunch break to walk around the nearby Stadtpark. It is one of the many parks along the park ring around the center of Vienna. This park is about a 10 minute walk from the cathedral square in the middle of town. It boasts of winding paths, a pond with ducks, statues of historic men, and grape trees. That’s right! Trees with grapes on them that you could just pluck and eat! If only I were taller…

If you feel like eating outside, it would be a perfect place to plop yourself on one of the many benches. It was a little bit chilly, so it might be a good idea to walk a circuit of the park first. What I love about the benches are that they are all side by side along the curve of the path, instead of being in rigid lines or solitary benches here and there.

It’s so hard to say goodbye

I left Vienna having barely gotten to know her. The hackathon and conference both had pretty tight schedules, and by the end I was pretty exhausted. I did get to have some Viennese coffee, though! And I stayed near the artistic quarter, which is worth a visit if only for a brief photoshoot. More on that to come. 😀

Have you experienced Autumn in Vienna? Or Europe in general? What’s your favorite part?

For all you Autumn lovers

Triplets in Stadtpark, Vienna

Red bushes in Stadtpark, Vienna

Walk through in Stadtpark, Vienna

Path in Stadtpark, Vienna

Ducks in Stadtpark, Vienna

Pond in Stadtpark, Vienna

Statue in Stadtpark, Vienna

Stunning autumn yellow in Stadtpark, Vienna

Grape tree in Stadtpark, Vienna

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